“My practice is based around data visualisation within astronomy and I use my skills as a maker to shed light on subjects that are difficult to understand by creating pieces that can be interacted with and gain knowledge from. Allot of my work involves technology, from designing though to manufacture with processes such as laser cutting, 3D printing and interactive augmented reality. I work a lot with precious metals, pewter, and bronze as well as 3D printed nylon to achieve my pieces with a large proportion of my time involving the development and planning for final outcomes.

Allot of my inspiration for my pieces comes from articles around the subject of astronomy however I am also inspired by cartography in the way that it communicates information in a way that is understood by anyone.”

“In addition to my practice I am also a pen collector and maker. I make a variety of pens using 3D printing to create environmentally friendly pens made from plant based plastics”

A selection of my pens are available to purchase through my shop