My nebula series is a collection of 12 abstract alcohol ink works using various chemicals to react with the inks and create colour displacement.  

Created as part of my A-Levels, the techniques developed from my technical research is still used in my work today and continues to be one of my favorite art methods. It is a quick and effective technique that is easy to create, and one large scale piece can be divided into many smaller pieces.

Space has always held a strong bond within my artwork, and I have always used it as a way to gain inspiration. Not only am I interested in the visuals of astronomy but also the data that it holds which is prevalent within my other work.



Capturing the scale of the universe and commemorating 30 years of the Hubble Deep Field Telescope.

Using simple data processing methods to create galactic sculptures, this work aims to illustrate the vastness of space. The work is comprised of 2,000 gilded sculptures, set in a grid like structure. These forms are representational of the 10,000 galaxies captured by Hubble, over a distance of 13 billion light years. Galaxies which exist in a patch of sky no greater than the size of a pin head held at arm’s length.